Alchemizing Fear

How to Alchemize fear: ~ Acknowledge the fear, avoid hiding in escapism Identify the fear as your ego’s programme of limiting beliefs. Note which limiting beliefs this feeling of fear … Continue Reading →


Sacred Feminine Rising

The world as we know it is in a process of transition on all levels ~ economically, emotionally, environmentally, in consciousness and spiritually. In the last few centuries the experience … Continue Reading →


8 golden keys to Unconditional Self-Love

We have been socialsed to believe that we need external sources to find acceptance, peace, and to be happy. The most profound healing occurs within you, once you realise that … Continue Reading →


Practicing daily devotion

Since the “modernization” of our society, we have lost the ritual of devotion and its invaluable benefits. As we return to a conscious way of being, we remember the upliftment … Continue Reading →


Thank you Louise Hay!

My journey with Louise L. Hay’s work started as I was finishing my postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology. I knew, as much as I enjoyed my studies, that the Clinical … Continue Reading →