What is a Soul-Retreat Journey?

Soul~Journey Retreat Over the last 10 years, I have been privileged to facilitate spiritual retreats for groups of beautiful women. Each experience has contributed to the eve-olution of the format … Continue Reading →

Rose Mallow

The path of the Divine Feminine

The path of the Divine Feminine is a journey not to be taken lightly… it is a path which requires our full attention, our whole truth, devotion and abundant courage…the … Continue Reading →

Kuan Yin ~ Goddess of Compassion

The face of the feminine

After one of my Awakening the Sacred Feminine journeys I received an e-mail from one of the initiates asking me a very important question: Where can I find a role … Continue Reading →


Threshold Guardians

Any journey of creation starts with a Call, and this call can come in many forms. Once we choose to follow our call, threshold guardians show up. The threshold guardians … Continue Reading →


Symptoms of the Awakening Feminine

  The Divine Feminine is awakening within everything ~ activating a re-connection with nature, and heart centered living. The sacred feminine energy is a state of grace, embodied by the … Continue Reading →