Past Life Retrieval

lovelight_0012Past Life Regression Therapy is a specialized form of hypnotherapy used to access the memories of your past lives, with the focus on understanding your souls evolution and hence realizing your connection with the Universe.

This therapy assists you to explore your subconscious mind, which holds all your memories, both present and all past lives you have ever experienced. Past Life Regression allows us to access past life traumas, and through a process addresses current life issues. It is a holistic therapy, based on the principle of cause and effect, also known as “karma”.

Life defining actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and vows are so powerful, that it extends its manifestation through time and space. Perhaps manifesting in the present in another form i.e. phobias, allergies, chronic illness, relationship issues, fears, etc.

Carl Jung, a well renowned psychologist, called it the “collective unconscious” and “universal memory”. Past lives can be factually based,   or metaphors created by the subconscious mind to illustrate something in the present.

This process of accessing memories stored in the unconscious mind, gives you the opportunity to access the origins of old patterns and emotions which in turn enables release and healing.

Through exploring these memories, we can resolve traumas we may have carried from previous incarnations, gain insights and understanding into our present relationships, help clear emotional blocks increasing a sense on inner peace, learn about recurring patterns or themes throughout our lifetimes and simply explain the inexplicable.
Most importantly, this modality assists us to re-examine deeply embedded emotions, perceptions and thus self-defeating beliefs and thoughts which sabotaging our present lives.

I believe that our words are very powerful, and it is for this reason that I prefer the term Past Life Retrieval. The past experience is powerful enough without us needing to regress into that state or consciousness. We can gently retrieve the memory through observing the memory like a movie unfolding in front of us. The method I facilitate also works with activating cellular memory points in the body, which assists us to clear and heal all aspects of any crystalized beliefs, patterns, and subconscious thoughts. I utilize a relaxation process, a type of “light” hypnosis, during which you are fully conscious and aware, and you remember everything.

Positive feedback from my Past Life Retrieval Sessions report that it has helped to heal : relationship difficulties; closure for relationships that ended traumatically; destructive life patterns; phobias; unexplained physical pain or chronic problems with no origin in their present lives.

My journey with Past Lives started early in my life… I guess 3 near death experiences makes you evaluate life from all perspectives. I was raised by a very open minded mother, in my mothers words “ there are just too many lessons to learn in one lifetime”.
Thus, I was familiar with the concept of reincarnation, but did not pay too much attention to it, apart from my fascination with Egypt as a child. I remember clearly telling my mother one day that there is a hidden chamber underneath the Sphinx’s paws, and that ancient scrolls will be discovered that will change the world forever. I was quite young when I spoke of this, I was not exposed to any Television at that age, and no-one in my family had any knowledge of the egyptian pyramids, the sphinx or Egyptology, nor was I exposed to any of this information in my environment at that age. All I remember is the strong conviction with which I spoke of this. I then forgot about it completely, until years later when I heard that a chamber was discovered but it was empty. There are still contradicting theories by archaeologists on this discovery. I was unperturbed whether there really was a chamber or not, I was freaked out about how a 6 year old could have any information like this…. and I thought “what an imagination I had”….

The next time I explored this subject, was during my student years whilst studying psychology. We briefly covered some case studies of children who recalled their previous lives, and even showed their parents and the researchers their “previous” graves. All the dates, names and details checked out…

By now I was very intrigued and decided to explore my own past lives further. After retrieving a complete technicolor HD movie of a life in Egypt, I was convinced I had the best imagination in the world. After some intense research, all the dates, symbols, and historical facts checked out. I was flabbergasted!

*Imagination…. “Both imagination and waking dream need to be defined since Western culture disbelieves in the vital reality of imagination and is uninformed of the function regarding waking dream processes.”*

We are socialized in the western world to perceive imagination as a negative experience, when in truth it is a very powerful and valuable tool. There are some eastern philosophies which propose the belief that nothing we can imagine is original, and that all ideas are accessed via the collective consciousness. Thus if we can imagine a unicorn, it has been in existence at some time.
In other words, “Briefly, one fundamental premise of oriental philosophy is expressed by the phrase “I am.” By extension, therefore, everything is. If everything is (that is, has an existence), then imagination has an existence.” *

Whatever the Retrieval experience, either factually based, or metaphoric expression, the importance is the lessons that can be learnt and the healing process that comes from the Past Life Retrieval session. Most people find that the knowledge gained through this process can be incredibly healing, proving enlightenment or expansion of conscious understanding of ones soul journey and evolution.

Every Past Life Retrieval session inspires me…. I feel deeply honoured to be a facilitator of this profound healing modality… We are So much more than we realize. We are truly infinite, we are multidimensional beings who are all connected…… and there is a divine spark within all of us which just seeks to express love and live in peace….

*Very interesting study on Imagination: